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In no particular order, these are some of the players I most admire.

Jean-Pierre Rampal is one of my all time favourite flautists. He was the one I listened to most when I was a student and I longed to play with the same glorious tone. He took  some movements amazingly fast, but always with effortless clarity and a beautiful sound.

Michael Copley is a flautist with a fantastic technique, whether he is messing around with multiple instruments with the Classic Buskers or actually managing to make the piccolo sound lyrical as in the the Vivaldi Concerto.

Emily Beynon is another flautist whose tone I admire greatly. She has a rich and beautiful sound and is very sparing of vibrato, which is something I have come to prefer in a lot of music.

Wissam Boustany is a flautist with a superb range of sound. His playing is very emotional and dramatic, especially in the many pieces he has commissioned.