Daphne Gadd Music

Expert flute, clarinet and saxophone tuition for all ages

These are just some of the principles which underly my teaching.

*  I believe that it is very important to adapt the style of teaching to the individual or the group being taught.

*  I believe in encouraging students to learn both from written music and by ear.

*  I believe strongly in acquiring good habits from the word go. After all, we all know that it is much easier to acquire good habits than to get rid of bad ones! This means that I am very careful to teach correct posture, breathing, tonguing, etc. from the word go. This may sound hard, but it's just as easy (or difficult!) to play an instrument correctly as to play it wrongly. This approach saves an awful lot of trouble when the student wants to take his or her playing to a more advanced level.

*  I believe in encouraging students to listen to themselves very carefully and to produce a beautiful sound from the start. This is not as difficult as you might think!

*  I believe that it is important to teach using the type of music the student wants to play and not just use the same standard books for everyone. After all, instrumental techniques can be taught using almost any kind of music, and musicianship and love of playing are much more easily developed through playing music the student enjoys. That doesn't mean that I don't introduce students to new sounds and styles!

*  I believe strongly that graded music exams are very useful for many reasons BUT that they are not essential. Students should be encouraged to take them when appropriate but never forced to do so! Most of my students do take exams (with good results), but some of the best flautists I know have never done so.



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